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Skilled ceramists arrived from Spain soon after the conquest of Mexico, bringing the Arabic and European enamel glazing techniques and the potter’s wheel. They settled I the town of Puebla and soon a flowering of tile work and ceramics began. At first only European patterns were copied, using the Talavera technique (named after the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina where the style originated), employing a tin-glazed white clay mixture. Hand painted blue and white azulejo tiles predominated, though other colors were used. Tile work spread rapidly throughout colonial Mexico, in public structures and in colonial homes. Church domes, private gardens and stairways, patios, kitchens, and bathrooms – few surfaces were without the bright Puebla tiles. The Talavera tradition continues today, a theme with many variations. The azulejo’s square still poses a compositional challenge Mexican artisans respond to with endless innovation. In recent decades, the town of Dolores Hidalgo in Mexio’s Bajio region has come to rival Puebla as a major ceramics manufacturing center. Though its origins line in the distant past – in Persia, the Arab world, Delft, Italy, Spain, China, Mexican tile work is today considered unique to the country. from: Mexicolor, the Spirit of Mexican Design Talavera tiles have many creators among Mexican tile companies, but only Latin Accents offers both artistic handcrafted porcelain tile and traditional clay body ceramic tile for use in all climates and all installations. Porcelain pool tile that is tested to be frost resistant or for stair riser accent tile, outdoor kitchen tile decoration, retaining wall tile or for use in fountains are possible with our unique exterior tile creations. Similarly it can be used as decorative tile for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom sink and tile, and as floor tile accents. Latin Accents' traditional ceramic clay body for use indoors or in mild climates, are made of handcrafted tile bodies for a more rustic look. Our talavera tile designs are almost entirely uniquely ours. Latin Accents' Catalina tile line has been created to complement as accent tile, patios of natural stone, terra cotta and earth toned ceramics, bringing a new direction to the Mexican talavera tile tradition. Printing and website color representation was submitted as accurate as possible but variation can occur in its final form. Variation is inherent in all material. Please request samples to verify color range.